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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Book Launch Event for Really Good F Words

Really Good F Words: Your Interactive Guide to Self-Care is Lorrie Forde’s first book.

This book is a compilation of stories that demonstrate the concepts inherent in an intentional self-care practice, and a range of activities framed in a coaching style that guide the reader in the direction of building their own customized strategies for self-care.

Through her work as a business and life coach, Lorrie Forde discovered some common themes that were the inspiration for her book. Common themes ranged from a sense of extreme busyness to conflicting priorities. Forde’s professional philosophy is summed up in her belief that “No one needs a coach, but everybody deserves one. This book was a way for me to make that possible.”

More than 100 attended the event at the Summerland Library to help author Lorrie Forde celebrate this milestone.

Forde announced that  notification from her publisher arrived confirming that Really Good F Words has officially been identified as a Best Selling book on

As part of the celebration for the launch of Really Good F Words, Forde agreed to make the book available for a sponsorship/donation project until the official launch date of November 1st.  (Books were sponsored at Forde’s wholesale cost.) This donation project was born from interest by the SOVAS (South Okanagan Victim Assistance) and SOWINS (South Okanagan Women in Need) programs.  Both programs recognized the opportunity for their staff and volunteers to use the book as a tool with their respective program’s clients as they rebuild their own self-care strategies.  The book encourages independence for the reader as it guides them through the process of designing their own unique community of support where the common goal is intentional self-care. The book is also Fun to read – that’s one of the Really Good F Words.

The idea of donating books that would make it directly into the hands of those SOVAS and SOWINS clients held appeal for potential sponsors and by the November 1st deadline a grand total of 170 books have been sponsored.  Those books were handed over to SOVAS and SOWINS representatives at the book launch event on Tuesday, November 3rd .

The list of sponsors for this donation project includes both individuals and businesses from both Summerland and Penticton.

A special thank you for their generous donation to:

Bead Trails

Beauty and the Brit

Broadwater Trucking

Dr. Shelley Bedard – Family Dentistry

Lorrie Forde

Louise and Jerry Bryant

Mountaintop Coaching

Nesters Market

Rona – Penticton

Sandy and Dawn Berry

Summerland & District Credit Union

Summerland Mini Storage

Summerland Women’s Fitness

The Edens at Royal Lepage Parkside

Total Restoration Services Inc.

Zias Stonehouse Restaurant

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