Testimonials, Recommendations & Business Clients

Organizations I’ve worked with:

Apollo Sports Clinic
BC Nurses Union
Beauty & the Brit
Broadwater Holdings
BSN Medical Supplies
Community Futures of British Columbia
Dr. Shelley Bedard Family Dental Practice
McBain Insurance
Okanagan College
P3 Products Canada
P3 Products USA
South Okanagan Women in Need Society
Spellbinders Speakers
Summerland & District Credit Union
Summerland Financial

What people say about me:

“A Weekend With Lorrie has put my business and personal life back on track.  Setting and prioritizing goals lead to complete clarity about the steps needed and dealing with potential hazards.  The weekend was time spent very productively and the future looks bright.  Thank you Lorrie for your unique coaching style.”
Dianne Owens: Owner – Beauty & the Brit

“Lorrie Forde’s enthusiasm for life and her cheery and positive disposition comes through in everything she does. I had the pleasure of organizing a virtual book tour for her self-help book Really Good F Words, and her interaction with me and with the book bloggers demonstrated her professionalism and love for helping others.”
Laura Fabiani: iRead Book Tours

“Lorrie Forde’s book Really Good F Words is a brilliant approach to helping people who want more than just lip service when they are motivated to move forward in their lives.  This book is not only well written, it gives you simple, real life examples and then has you thinking and writing as you move into your own ‘stuff’,  coming out the other end more aware and energized.  Congratulations Lorrie on a transformational book.”
Linda Edgecombe: CSP – Hall of Fame Speaker – Author

Really Good F Words is filled with inspirational moments and is an incredible read. Life-changing, readable, thought provoking, and an easy path to navigate in pursuit of self-care or any goal a reader sets their sights on.”
Mohini Singh: Order of British Columbia (2008) – Kelowna City Councillor – former TV and CBC Radio journalist.

“I believe that you will discover in Lorrie Forde’s words a combination of practical insight and experiences that characterizes my experience of her as an Executive and Life Coach.  Perhaps most importantly she brings to life in these pages her unique combination of edge and compassion for others as we seek that seemingly elusive balance in our lives.  I’ve personally experienced many of Lorrie’s F words and trust that you will be motivated and inspired like I was to stay in balance and live with purpose.”
Greg Hadubiak: Executive Coach – TEC Canada Chair – Consultant – Speaker   

“Lorrie Forde is an enthusiastic and affectionate coach. Reading this book is like sitting around the kitchen table talking with a patient friend.”
Francie Greenslade: Author – English Professor

“I love how Lorrie goes below the surface to explore underlying issues and reasons.  She does not dwell there.  Rather, she recognizes them, builds on them, and moves on.”
360 respondent
“You know how when you first wake up on one of those lazy summer mornings, the sun is shining in, you stretch and take that first deep breath?  You know how you grin and for that moment everything is right in the world?  This really is how I feel after a coaching session with Lorrie.

When dealing with complex challenges, whether in business or in life, occasionally I find myself agonizing over the correct path.  Taking the time to focus and organize my thoughts with someone who is a master at guiding her clients through the process not only provides me with clarity but ultimately leaves me with that feeling of ‘stretching in the sunshine’!”
Kelly Marshall,  ACUIC (Hons.), CCE
Summerland Credit Union

“Life is busy! Occasionally I get bogged down and lose sight of my goals because they’re buried under the countless day to day decisions my practice requires. My experience with Lorrie at her Coaching Retreat supported me to peel back the layers, refocus on my goals, and come up with a structured plan to achieve them. Lorrie has a talent for really listening and being able to organize one’s thoughts and ideas for them.  When I hear her give me my own words back, somehow they’re clearer and I’m able to see the path I want to take.  In addition to Coaching, and when asked, Lorrie suggests common sense strategies that continue to help me daily. Everyone should give themselves the gift of Coach Lorrie!”
Dr. Shelley Bedard,
Doctor of Dental Surgery
“My life changing experience in Mexico… Coaching was our focus for the retreat so in between activities we met with Lorrie for discussion on the topic we were individually working on.  The surroundings assaulted my senses at times (in a good way). The simplicity of the village of 200, the food, and a spa in the jungle was over the top for me.  The sense of well-being and resolve that I returned home with is still with me.”
Lois Fehr
Team Leader
Canada Revenue Agency
“At first I was hesitant about giving myself time in Mexico for relaxation and coaching. I had never done anything like this before. I told myself this was the sort of investment other people made in themselves, people with high-flying careers and important aspirations.

I was ‘between jobs’ and didn’t see myself as a likely candidate for this type of career development. But, I decided to give myself this time to see what would happen, and the ten days turned out to be one of my best investments ever, an invigorating and grounding experience that still feeds me.

Lorrie chose for us a quiet, stunningly beautiful location, with serene accommodations where stress and worry seem to evaporate in the tropical heat. Wandering the empty beaches, exploring the quiet village, or staring at the surf from my hammock all gave me undisturbed time to mull over my coaching sessions and discussions.  With Lorrie’s expert guidance, I began to peel away layers of defeatism to retrieve my old optimism, my dreams and faith in myself.

I reconnected with my values and priorities, and today I am moving ahead in my life with gusto and a lot more confidence.
My focus during the retreat was to come up with a plan to capitalize on the opportunity this work transition had provided.  I committed to creating a plan that would enable me to live my life well and on my own terms. That was something I had forgotten over the years.

The insights I rediscovered about myself in Mexico were profound and continue to reverberate and grow within me. I feel now that instead of letting myself be buffeted by outside influences, I am piloting my own course.

Lorrie continues to help me to see that the obstacles I imagined to be in my way were, in fact, imagined. I’ve gained insight into what makes me tick. I’ve re-learned to honour my values, and the importance of weighing those values into the equation when opportunities come my way.

Step by step – sometimes with very small steps – Lorrie has helped me to see that I can attain my goals. I always feel that Lorrie is 100 per cent in my corner.  She continues to provide unconditional support, and now, rather than retreating from opportunities and possibilities, I am leaning into my life with curiosity and excitement.

If you’re looking to pursue your dreams, to find your passion, to tap back into your life force, but you don’t know how to get from here to there, I highly recommend you invest in the retreat with Mountain Top Coaching.

Everyone deserves Lorrie Forde in their corner.”
Christina Toth
Writer, Editor, Communications Advisor
“Reconnecting with and embracing skills I’ve lost touch with has been powerful for me as I work toward achieving my goals.  My Coach listens, provides encouragement, and asks questions that bring new perspective to the obstacles that are in the way of my aspirations.  She says she is my thinking partner, but I believe she has given me a key that unlocked the door to an improved life, broken down some barriers that were in my way, and brought me to a place of confidence in myself that will support me as I continue on the path to unlocking my full potential.  Having Lorrie Forde as my Executive Coach has been the solution I was looking for.”
Kelly L. Prive,
British Columbia Territory Business Manager CPSA
BSN Medical Inc.
“Lorrie inspired me and I felt like I’d been touched by a ray of magic sunshine!  With just a few words, and a look, I listened. She allowed me to borrow her self-confidence to travel my own road towards a commitment and believing in myself.  Thank you Lorrie for your gift of trust.”
Fenella Sobchuk, 
“I never believed it was possible but here I am in a position where I work 6 months and then take 6 months off to travel and play each year.  I am living life the way that I dreamed it.  I would not have figured this out on my own; I needed help and until this experience I didn’t know what coaching was or the power behind it.  I just knew what I wanted to do and didn’t know how to get there.  Thanks Coach!”
Lynda Green, CCDP,
“Semi-retired” Employment Professional
“Lorrie is a great coach. She has the ability to help you to see the path clearly without “telling” you what you should do. I really appreciated that. Lorrie is very professional and you feel comfortable sharing with her knowing it is totally confidential. I would not hesitate to recommend Lorrie as Executive Coach. We can all use a little help “focusing” once and a while and she can certainly help you to do that.”
Keith Quesnelle, CIP
McBain Insurance Broker and Advisor
“Lorrie is one of the most caring and personable people that I have ever worked with. Competent and always willing to create a solution that works for all parties concerned, I would recommend Lorrie as a business partner.”
Marie Bartlett
Program Coordinator – Okanagan College
“Lorrie is joy to work with… always professional, warm and goal oriented with a dash of fun to make the tasks enjoyable.  I heartily recommend Lorrie.”
Lisa Jaager
Sales Manager – Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa
“Lorrie is a lifelong learner who has transitioned into a powerful career as an Executive Coach and owner of Mountaintop Coaching. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and to work with Lorrie as an Executive Coaching peer at Royal Roads University.  She brings years of leadership experience to the world of coaching.  Lorrie’s authenticity and her drive to connect with people and make a difference are trademark leadership skills she uses well.  Lorrie is fiercely committed to her clients’ growth and development.  If you are looking for a caring and strong coach, who will both support you and challenge you, I would highly recommend Lorrie!  Lorrie coaches with heart and with backbone-a combination that many coaches chase for years!”
Tanya Lanigan, CEC
Licensed Trainer at Coaching Out Of The Box
“Lorrie was a great person to work with- her communications skills in giving direction and knowledge of subject was great. She worked very well with our Aboriginal community and I can see her doing well as an Executive Coach.”
Judith Good-Sky
Facilitator/Instructor/Program Developer
“I have known Lorrie for many years, and have always admired and been inspired by her positive outlook, keen mind and innovative thinking.  Lorrie is a lover of life and learning, and she easily earns my 10 out of 10 recommendation!”
Connie Denesiuk
Partner at AdvocacyFirst
“I have had the opportunity of working with Lorrie for approximately 8 years.  Lorrie is a very dedicated, focused and client centered individual.  During her years in post secondary she was instrumental in developing a variety of courses/programs to assist individuals in meeting their goal of life-long learning, a philosophy she so strongly believes in.”
Nancy Ankerstein
Program Administrator – Trades & Apprenticeship, Okanagan College
“Lorrie has the inate ability to see the uniqueness of each individual and how then to facilitate their self-discovery and self-awareness in order to maximize reaching goals and objectives.”
Ron Schlitt
Lead Strengths Consultant at The Stronger Group
“Lorrie has been an approachable leader, whom I worked with concerning workshops for different groups of writers and publishers.  She is solution oriented and I enjoyed working with her.”
Yasmin John-Thorpe
Independent Writing and Editing Professional
“Lorrie is very client focused.  She is all about supporting people achieve their career, personal and academic goals. I have seen it first hand with Continuing Studies students, Lorrie cares about them personally and wants them to succeed in their programs and gain confidence. She has helped my students at Okanagan College feel like they belong and that they can reach their goals.”
Marcella Trotter
Aboriginal Transitions Planner – Okanagan College
“In the time I have known Lorrie, I have had the privilege of seeing her bring to bear her experience, compassionate personality, and superb coaching skills in service of her clients. Moreover, as a coaching colleague and team member, I have personally benefited from Lorrie’s advice, presence, and integrity as we have worked through a number of projects and engagements.

I would highly recommend Lorrie to anyone considering Executive Coaching.”
Greg Hadubiak, CEC
TEC-Canada Chair/Executive Coach
“I had the pleasure of working with Lorrie over many years, during her tenure at Okanagan College and as a fellow board member on the BC WorkInfoNet board. Lorrie is committed, engaged and professional in whatever she takes on. She is conscientious in her work, and brings deep understanding and empathy to her interactions with others.”
Heather Stewart
Owner – Sage Consulting 
“I met Lorrie in 2009 when she worked at Okanagan College. I immediately noticed her keen listening, observing and communicating skills. Lorrie is smart, sensitive, confident, respectful, forward looking, fun and funny. From my perspective, this combination of attributes and skills is crucial in a coach.  Lorrie Forde is the full package.”
Wendy Binggeli
Law Of Attraction Coach – Cloud Nine Coaches
“Working with Lorrie was an absolute pleasure. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and is able to bring out the best in her colleagues. Her dedication to quality learning and success of her students and clients is truly commendable. I enjoyed working with Lorrie dearly and appreciate my time with this motivational and inspiring woman.”
Jennifer Hamilton
Program Coordinator – Okanagan College
“I was fortunate enough to work with Lorrie Forde through my instructing years at Okanagan College.  Lorrie exudes fairness, responsibility, fun, organization, leadership and a personal touch.  Her ability to connect with individuals always starts with her warm demeanor, a listening ear and insightful words.  She is a natural in dealing with all sorts of people and has incredible focus with follow through.  Authentic, honest and playful, she is a delight to work with!!”
Michelle Tremblay
Life Transition & Confident Speaking Coach
“I had the pleasure of working with Lorrie at Okanagan College and her new direction into the world of coaching is a natural fit for her. While we worked together I most valued Lorrie’s ability as a sounding board for ideas and her gift to make me feel that she was really listening and hearing me.  Lorrie had the skills to encourage me to explore opportunities and to recognize when it was right to take a chance on a new idea or venture. It is this talent that I believe will benefit her coaching clients. ”
Terri Kalaski
Restorative Justice Program Manager – RCMP