Lorrie’s Bio

SK_150504_48 Lorrie Forde, ACC, CEC, CPP
Executive Coach
Email: lorrie@mountaintopcoaching.ca
Tel: 250-494-9644
Cell: 250-488-3950
twitter: @lorrief


Ernest Hemmingway said, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”  This quote speaks to me as a foundation for coaching.  That, along with my core belief that each of us has our own answers to the questions we face each and every day, is the cornerstone to my coaching style.  I believe that listening with more than my ears and then following through with quality questions, reframing, and acknowledgement will move my client toward their own answers.

 My work in post secondary education spans 25 years and throughout all of it I appreciated being able to say, “made a difference to that one”.  From the front lines of the classroom to the visionary work necessary for strategic and program planning, my time with the College system in British Columbia provided me a myriad of opportunities to exercise the skills that I bring to the table as an Executive Coach.  My strong interpersonal skills and my ability to communicate effectively support success in my coaching practice.  I trust my intuition and use both my head and my heart to bring balance to every situation.  Adaptability, authenticity, integrity, teamwork, courage, compassion, and accountability are all words that resonate for me.

 In addition to my work in education, I also have a strong personal belief in the value and importance of lifelong learning.  My recent engagement in the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University was where a lifetime of both theory-based and applied learning experiences were put to work.  My training in Conflict Resolution; my work as a Bartender; my Certificate in Management Skills; and my experiences in the area of community Economic Development are all examples of the classrooms I attended on the path to where I am today.

 My goal with this bio is to provide you, the reader, with a sense of who I am beyond the work that I’ve done.  My clients need to feel comfortable with me as a person, know that they can trust me to keep their confidence, and believe that I’ll be as honest and authentic in my coaching practice as I’m asking them to be with themselves.

 I believe that we all deserve to achieve our dreams and that no matter how lofty those dreams may be, they’re within our grasp.  Designing the pathway that will lead to those goals is the focus of my work.